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Double Battle vs. Porpie and Peippy!  (ダブルバトル対PorpieとPeippy!)
Image General
Season: Marbles!: The Beginning
Episode №: #04
Aired: JapanFlag.svg TBA 2012
830px-UnitedStatesFlag.svg TBA 2012
Opening Theme: The Great Escape
Char. of the Day: Jessie and Theressa
Characters and Other Information
Main: Skyler, Emily and Max
Minor: Jessie and Theressa
Creatures: Jessie's Porpie, Theressa's Peippy and KuCrab
Major event(s): None
Marbles!: The Beginning

Double Battle vs. Porpie and Peippy! (Jap: ダブルバトル対PorpieとPeippy! For double battle and Peippy Porpie! For double battle and Peippy Porpie!) is the fourth episode of the Marbles! webseries coming to Fiction-press.


English:While continuing their journey to Ocean City, the gang hears rumours about Jessie and Teressa twins who own a Porpie and Peippy who are very stong so Emily and Max who are twins challenge them to a twin battle. Meanwhile, Looking to catch a Porpie, Skyler finds a group of KuCrab fighting.

Japanese: オーシャンシティへの旅を続けながら、双子であるエミリーとマックスは双子の戦いに挑戦できるように、ギャングはジェシーと非常にストングされPorpieとPeippyを所有Teressaの双子の噂を聞く。一方、Porpieをキャッチするためにみると、スカイラーはKuCrab戦闘のグループを見つけます。

Japanese Translate:While continuing to travel to Ocean City, twins Max and Emily is able to fight the twin challenges, the gang hear of twins and Teressa Peippy owned Porpie Jesse is very Stong. On the other hand, looking to catch a Porpie, Schuyler finds a group of combat KuCrab.